The Antarctic Parka by Nigel Cabourn: If it’s good enough for the South Pole...

It’s getting a bit ‘parky’ now, as we say in London. That’s ‘cold’ to those not born within the sound of Bow Bells. So when one’s looking for a winter coat, it’s a good idea to search for something toasty warm, such as the Antarctic Parka by Nigel Cabourn.

Hand-stuffed with goose down, and made of 100% cotton Ventile outer fabric, the garment is a result of designer Nigel Cabourn’s passion for vintage clothing. He has collected it for over 30 years and has an archive of more than 4,000 pieces.

His inspiration for cold weather clothing is further heightened by a long-standing love of the North of England and its bracing winds.

Photos: Nigel Cabourn

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