The highlights of Retro Classics 2014

Success in Stuttgart: Retro Classics 2014 attracted more than 80,000 visitors last weekend, including a significantly increased number of overseas guests – much to the delight of the exhibitors…

The average visit duration was five and a half hours – a figure which attests to the quality of the displays

The first Retro Classics event organised by the new management team (Managing Director Roland Bleiroth and Retro Classics founder Karl Ulrich Herrmann) saw new record achievements set not only for the number of visitors, but also the average visit duration of five and a half hours – a figure which attests to the quality of the displays. The 1,428 exhibitors (also a new record) welcomed a more diverse array of visitors: attendees from the U.K. and Czech Republic joined those from Germany, France, Italy and Switzerland. In addition, there were 718 journalists from 22 countries, including Qatar and India.

Extraordinary exhibits

In addition to the wide range of traditional and modern classics on display, guests were also treated to a commemoration of Berlin-based coachbuilder Erdmann & Rossi –  as well as a celebration of French car culture that boasted machinery from Delahaye, Salmson, Voisin, Bugatti, and other famous marques. An ‘Experience Design’ display also gave an insight into the creative process, boasting 1:1 scale show cars impressively crafted from clay.

Success for exhibitors

Exhibitors had little to worry about in terms of target audience: two-thirds of all visitors claimed to already own a classic – and just under half of the respondents had made a purchase or purchase order that weekend. “For the first time, we sold three vehicles before Sunday morning,” said Joachim Stickel, owner of Pagoda specialist Rutesheimer Autohauses Stickel. “I also expect good post-fair business. Retro Classics is organised very well, and we’ll be attending next year for sure.”

Peter Kolbeck, Managing Director of Ismaninger Anbieters GT-A, enthused: “There was huge interest; in fact, we couldn’t have hoped for any more. It was exhausting, but well worth it. We’ll be taking many great impressions home with us.”

The next Retro Classics event is scheduled for 26-29 March 2015 at the alternative venue of the Stuttgarter Messegelände exhibition centre. Further information can be found at