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As one of the most ambitious boutique automakers in the world with a flair for the dramatic, it was only a matter of time before Lamborghini expanded their efforts beyond the road and into the water. In 1968, founder Ferruccio Lamborghini commissioned a special Riva Aquarama, powered not by the boat builder’s standard V-8 engine, but two of Lamborghini’s powerful V-12 engines, making it the fastest Aquarama ever built. Just over a decade later, Lamborghini was struggling and sought to expand into different markets. With the Riva Aquarama as muse, the company made the decision to build a large displacement version of their venerable V-12 for both pleasure crafts and high-performance race boats. Thus, Motori Marini Lamborghini S.p.A. was born.

The remarkable powerboat offered here was initially ordered and piloted by a Swiss businessman. In 1992, he commissioned Lucini, a legendary Italian boat builder, to produce an incredibly fast competition hydroplane to compete in the Centomiglia del Lario (“One Hundred Miles of the Lake”) on Lake Como in northern Italy. It was powered by a fuel-injected, dual overhead camshaft, 8.2-liter, V-12 Lamborghini marine engine that produced a claimed 850 horsepower and was said to propel the craft to over 230 kph. Unique in its construction, the hull was made from mahogany, as opposed to the more common fiberglass of the time.

To say that the boat was ultimately successful in its intended goal would be an understatement: It won the Centomiglia del Lario three times, in 1992, 1993, and 1995. Incredibly, even after 28 years, this racer still holds the speed endurance record for the event, at 195.434 kph. Unfavorable conditions on the lake had prevented the race from running during its usual date in 1993, and the postponed event would eventually take place in the late fall. With limited traffic on the lake, the reduced chop on the water allowed for incredibly high speeds, which this boat took great advantage of. Beyond its success on Lake Como, the boat was further entered in a number of long-distance, inshore events with continued success.

Following its competition run, the boat was placed on display in a private collection and would later be acquired by an individual in 2017. Under this new ownership, the boat has been exhibited at historic race events, including the Sacca Racer Meeting and Campione D’Italia Gran Premio Mondiale F2. Furthermore, the boat has drawn great attention while being presented at car gatherings in Europe, thanks to its unique history and eye-catching looks.

An incredible piece of nautical racing history, this record-setting machine is not just for boat enthusiasts, but for any serious collector looking for a standout piece.

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