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Jaeger-LeCoultre, Swiss, 'Atmos Millénaire Marqueterie - Aurore', No. 11/25, the marquetry in the style of Alphonse
Mucha by master cabinetmakers Jerome Boutteçon and Philippe Monti. Made in a limited edition of 25 pieces in 1999.
Accompanied by a Jaeger Lecoultre extract from the archives
Exceptional and extremely fine, Art Nouveau-style marquetry inlaid wood and glass barometric change-driven clock with
12 month and 1000 year calendar, phases of the moon and lunar calendar. Accompanied by the original leather-covered
and brass bound trunk internally fitted with 16 drawers, Certificate of Authenticity, instruction manual, pen, Japanese
ink and pallet and 10 lacquered gilt- brass screw-top cylinders numbered XXI-XXX each containing a parchment to record
ownership and significant events during each century until the year 3000.
Rectangular ebonised and burr walnut veneered, canted corners and sides with boxwood inlay, glazed hinged door
and glazed top, stepped base, hinged side doors veneered internally with burr walnut and very fine circular marquetry
panels of semi-nude young ladies in the Art Nouveau style representing Aurore and Crépescule, concealed drawer in
the front with secret release catch at the back of the base, containing the century cylinders and pen and ink, the front of
the drawer decorated with a further fine marquetry of a semi-nude young lady in a landscape representing `Dusk`, the
lockplate of the secret drawer engraved `No. 13/25`, spirit level and adjustable feet for leveling.
White laquered with painted Art Nouveau numerals, outer minute track, aperture for blue painted months disc
above, the names of the months painted in gold, aperture for the moon phases below with lunar calendar, outer spiral
scale calibrated for each year until the year 3000. Blued Breguet hour and minute hands, white and blued year hand.
Cal. 555, gilt-brass, vacuum chamber winding the going barrel, lever escapement driven by annular torsion pendulum,
locking lever above the pendulum disc, regulator at top. Dial signed, the underside of the base branded with the
signatures of Ph. Monti & J. Boutteçon.