- The Empress Marie-Louise of France Pocket Watch

The Empress Marie-Louise of France Pocket Watch


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    Pocket watch


A very fine, rare and historically important gold, enamel and split pearl decorated pocket watch bearing the cipher ML within a laurel crown. Presented by Empress Marie-Louise at the opening of Cherbourg harbour in 1813 to Emilie de Pellepra
Gilt full plate verge movement, pierced and engraved balance cock, silver regulation, white enamel dial with Arabic numerals and winding through the dial, blued steel Breguet moon hands, gold full hunter case numbered 61 over 16 on the inside case with translucent light blue enamel front cover, decorated with the cypher "ML" Marie-Louise surmounted by the Royal Crown and framed by laurel leaves in a half circle of pearls. With translucent blue enamel background, decorated with a Bee set with pearls and framed with laurel leaves and bordered by further split pearls, attributed to Francois-Regnault Nitot