Waterdream handmade dutch boats

Contact person: Lex Sluyter
Loosdrecht, Netherlands
A DREAM The Waterdream tender boats are handcrafted in the Netherlands and made of thick aluminium. These are revolutionary boats which, thanks to their unique deep V bottom and stepped hull with tunnel, sail like a dream, are incredibly fast and stable. Their double spray rails can cut through waves at high speed. In addition, Waterdream boats are self-bailing and maintenance free so they do not require a covered storage space. UNIQUE The philosophy behind our designs is that they are multifunctional. The tender boat is a speedboat and a cozy family cruiser all rolled into one. The model has remained extremely popular over the years because it can sail with large groups of people. No other type of boat offers this much open living space. WILD AND GENTLE Earlier tender boat models sometimes lacked performing sailing characteristics such as high speed, stability on rough water and manageability. We solved this by designing a unique underwater hull. The Waterdream boat behaves like a chameleon; from wild beast (when it’s allowed) to a gentle family boat when needed. EXPERIENCE WHAT FREEEDOM FEELS LIKE ON THE WATER ALL-ROUNDER The boat can be used for water skiing, wakeboarding, making trips to the Wadden Islands or quiet cruising on the many Dutch canals. The Waterdream 850 model sleeps two people, making longer trips possible on this all-rounder. We deliberately designed the boat with a high freeboard and wide beam for maximum living space, stability, and seaworthiness. LIFESTYLE We also offer mornings in among other places, the Netherlands, Mallorca, Ibiza and the South of France. A month in the South of France including berth or mooring possibilities? No problem! We will take care of it. For your peace of mind, we keep your boat in pristine condition, take care of winter storage and renting your boat if you wish. As an extra, we offer rental services for waterdream owners.

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