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Mannheim, Germany
We´ve made it our business to bring timeless elegance to your wrist! The value-retaining factor should also play a major role here. If you want, an object that you can enjoy every day, with which you can decorate yourself and which also represents a certain value ... We would like to convey this trend in the segment of high-quality timepieces to you and look forward to your interest! INVESTMENT As in the automotive industry, it is currently very fashionable not to necessarily buy a brand new model, but rather to invest in an “oldtimer” that reflects the vintage charm of yesteryear and is technically of the highest quality, as is the case with automobiles was made. Which watches become real classics also depends very much on the principle of “supply and demand”. Today, for example, you have to pay up to 100 times as much or more for a rare Rolex, which in the past was sometimes only available for hundreds of marks. Whoever wants to invest in watches today should pay attention to quality, timeless design and rarity. These criteria usually determine which watches will be sought-after examples for future generations. EXCHANGE As so with gold and stocks, the watch market is depending on the situation on the financial market. Not least because of the great demand from the Far East, especially in the area of mostly Swiss luxury brands in the high-quality segment, there have been steady price increases in recent years despite the crises. The trend is increasingly towards classic and traditional brands, limited editions and rare vintage models. Real assets have returned to the focus of investors as interest rates are at a record low and savers can hardly expect any returns. We are a new trading center for lovers of fine watches, both for collectors and enthusiasts as well as for newcomers and look forward to your interest.

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44 Items currently for sale

Rolex ExplorerDEEUR 12500
Rolex DatejustDEEUR 9500
Rolex DatejustDEEUR 8500
Rolex GMT-MasterDEEUR 13500
Audemars Piguet HuitimeDEEUR 8950
Blancpain VilleretDEEUR 6500
Blancpain VilleretDEEUR 7500
Breitling NavitimerDEEUR 5500
Franck Muller ConquistadorDEEUR 9500
IWC IngenieurDEEUR 9500
IWC NovecentoDEEUR 7500
IWC PortofinoDEEUR 9450
IWC PortugieserDEEUR 8750
Jaeger-LeCoultre Master CompressorDEEUR 6250
Jaeger-LeCoultre MemovoxDEEUR 9250
Jaeger-LeCoultre MemovoxDEEUR 6950
Jaeger-LeCoultre ReversoDEEUR 4750
Mathey Tissot Vollkalender Chronograph Val.72DEEUR 7950
Omega SpeedmasterDEEUR 5450
Panerai LuminorDEEUR 8500