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Contact person: Thomas J. Schmitz
Telgte, Germany
The activeties of the company are focused on special and rare Porsche cars - RS, CUP or GT models. Buying and selling is the main suject. Beside the Porsche lightweight cars, other interesting and rare premium sportscars is in the �portfolio� of the company. A stock of high quality Porsche lightweight cars is suplemented / complemented by several cars we sell on behalf of our customers and collectors from all over the world. No other car company or person has seen, inspected and bought or sold as many off these special cars as we did. The experience from several years, trading many special and limited Posche models as well as a big data base on these cars as well as many years in business with international clients from all over the world make us a professional partner in selling or buying a special Porsche or another special sports car. Rare sportcars in really excellent condition as well as collectors cars and on the other hand race cars and track day cars are the basis of our business. On behalf of customers we search for rare cars, inspect the cars and buy them on their behalf. We offer as well any kind of service and restoration work on these cars as well. We suply as well spare parts and special tuning and race parts for the Porsche models on which our business is focused.

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