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PARIS, France
VISIT OUR SHOWROOM - 130 avenue de Versailles, 75016 - PARIS Straderial offer the opportunity to acquire exceptional machines in great conditions. An important work of Controls and History is done on each car. Once ausculated, we make the maximum to present them with all the details. We provide a wide range of services to meet all your needs. We want to bring total transparency on all our cars. For it, our machines are sold with service done and appraised by independent state experts. We will be happy to answer your questions. See you soon ! Straderialy The art of living the Strada

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8 Items currently for sale

1971 Jaguar E-Type SIII - RoadsterFREUR 94900
1969 Mercedes-Benz SL Pagode - ZF 5 vitesses / ZF 5 SpeedFREUR 145000
1963 Lotus Seven - Super Seven 1500 Cosworth 1500 Pre-X-FlowFREUR 56900
1976 Porsche 911 "Turbo" - Widowmaker, 1st series - Fully restoredFREUR 225000
1978 Ferrari 308 - GTB Dry SumpFREUR 95900
1981 Porsche 936 - JuniorFREUR 23900
1962 Panhard CDFREUR 99000
1959 VW Beetle - Volkswagen Beetle Roadster 1200FREUR 39900