Robbe & Berking Classics / Baum & König

Contact person: Oliver Berking
Flensburg, Germany
Since 1984 Baum & König has paid the utmost attention to classic yachts. Yachts with a history and a vita are built predominantly out of the most beautiful boatbuilding material: wood. Today where it is only rare to see a yacht from a master craftsmans' hand and common to see the outcome of industrial workflow rationalization, yachts with classic lines take every spectator´s breath away. More than any other vessel a classic yacht is a lifetime investment. An investment which in the course of time does not lose but gains in value . Baum & König is a member of the Robbe & Berking family ( , ), and our headquarter is an essential part of the “Robbe & Berking Yachting Heritage Centre” where we present our whole portfolio and also run the “Baum & König Yacht Humidor” with some 800m2. The all-new Baum & König Yacht Humidor will have an area of 800m² and will give our clients the possibility to display their yachts and boats in a climate controlled facility embedded in an extraordinary atmosphere. Not only potential buyers will have the chance to experience selected listings next to the Yachting Heritage Centre, but all visitors of the Centre will have access to the Yacht Humidor to get inspired.

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26 Items currently for sale

Harry Becker SK30 Squaremetre YachtDEEUR 85000
Abeking & Rasmussen - 10KRDEEUR 230000
Herreshoff Gaff Schooner - 162' Gaff Schooner 2000GBEUR 6900000
Riva Olympic - #198DEEUR 149000
Abeking & Rasmussen - 10metre YachtUSEUR 275000
Knud H. Reimers SK30 Square Metre Sloop - SK30DEEUR 89000
A&R Aluminum Cutter 55‘ Bill Tripp 1965 - DancerNZEUR 375000
Colin Archer 33’ Arne Hedlund - OctoberDEEUR 70000
William Fife 8mR Yacht Sagredo Sons Bilbao Yard - PétanESEUR 95000
A&R 6mR Yacht Third Rule1939 - Adelheid (ex Irmi)DEEUR 79000
Classic Motor Yacht 52’ Steel Yacht - MUIDEN KlassikDEEUR 380000
Chris Craft Sedan Cruiser - 26' CommuterDEEUR 115000
Gaff Cutter Markus Hamma 1992 - 34' ReplicaDEEUR 65000
Johan Anker - The worlds first 9mR yacht according to the first R-rule of 1906/07NOEUR 165000
Custom Built Classic Motoryacht 1900 - Vripack DesignBEEUR 750000
International 5.5 Metre Modern - Sébastian Schmidt 2007CHEUR 60000
Karl Einar Sjögren A22 Squaremetre YachtDEEUR 20000
Motor Sailer 38’ Ketch - Motor SailerDEEUR 179000
Swiss Craft - Flyer 1961NLEUR 158000
Sparkman & Stephens - 38' Loki-ClassDEEUR 135000
Transleman SA ToucanCHEUR 33000
John Bain Ormidale TSDYDEP.O.R
Henry Gruber/ Burmester Utility LaunchDEEUR 89000
Heinrich Heidtmann 41‘ Bermudian Cutter - 9 Segellängen Kreuzer von 1905SEEUR 35000
J.M. Soper & Sons CutterITEUR 900000
Berthon - Alfred Mylne 75ft Yawl ESEUR 700000