Contact person: Hans Kleissl
Polling-Oberbayern, Germany
HK-ENGINEERING is the only company worldwide dedicated solely to the restoration of the exclusively valuable Mercedes-Benz 300 SL. Serving for the past 25 years with intelligence, dedication and enthusiasm. Entrepreneur, director and world-renowned expert in the automotive icon with the trademark star, is Hans Kleissl. Hardly anyone else has such a wealth of knowledge, experience, and passion. Being a classic car enthusiast and collector himself led to his founding of HK-ENGINEERING. „He's one of us,” is the common opinion among his customers. HK-ENGINEERING is set in a lovingly restored monastery in the Bavarian village of Polling, with an additional branch in the Berlin Classic Remise. Further partners and representatives are located outside of German borders, listed in detail under the heading „Contact.“ HK-ENGINEERING is well-established. Throughout years of service in Kleissl's SL workshop, mechanical engineers have made technical contributions to the sustainable conservation of this unique Mercedes model series. As a result, while it previously took at least a year to bring a Gullwing or Roadster back to its original glory, the mechanics in Polling can now finish an entire „resurrection” of a 300 SL in only six to nine months. HK-ENGINEERING offers its clients restoration of nearly all original parts: from refurbishing old leathers to matching original body paint. Of course, they are also able to restore classic Mercedes-Benz cars from the ground-up. Since 1995, HK-ENGINEERING has operated its own racing team. To date they've built a dozen SLS-type cars. „While others speak of their great technical competence, we prove ours on the track,“ boasts Hans Kleissl. Aside from the vast technical expertise, Kleissl is deeply involved in the social aspect of the 300 SL series. He has served on the board of directors for the 300 SL club of Germany for more than ten years. „You need great passion, because everything you do with great pleasure, you do well.“ Juan Manuel Fangio HK-ENGINEERING has long been known for it´s high standards in rebuilding engines. There are many different ways of tackling an engine overhaul. You may take anywhere from 40 up to 160 hours. You might stop at 1/20th of a millimetre - but you can also go for the ultimate 1/100th millimetre. The higher the level of precision achieved, the smoother the engine will run - resulting in a higher output of power as well as longevity. The engine is the heart of the 300 SL. To be able to perform complete engine repairs in-house, HK-ENGINEERING took over the whole machine fleet of an engine repair company in 2011. Five specialists now work on site to restructure every engine perfectly, none of the parts have to be processed off the premises. Another division of ours, that receives the highest possible amount of attention , is our fuel pump department. Tolerances here are measured to 1/1000th of a millimetre. As we are able to overhaul fuel pumps and injectors ourselves our advantage over our competitors is even more increased. The over linking together of our engine shop and fuel pump department is one of the fundamental ingredients in our restoration success: always pushing one another to achieve the maximum output possible. Each assembly step is carried out according to guidelines we have developed over the years. Every mechanic is a specialist in his field. An intricate system of quality control ensures perfect execution of all jobs, resulting in the desired fault free completion of each restoration. Our longtime specializing enables us to offer lots of useful technical innovations. Rear axle conversions of any kind, installation of limited slip differentials, transmission rebuilds and a transmission exchange programme round up the list of our abilities. For more information, please refer to our price list of 300SL developments and modifications. Our body shop produces every Mercedes-Benz 300SL body panel, Gullwing as well as Roadster, steel or aluminum, with exceptionell precision. Achieving such high standards in body shop works, the use of plastic fillers or lead can be reduced to an absolute minimum. The high standard in production is achieved through specially fabricated models and moulds. The use of high-precision frame gauges for Roadster and Coupé models guarantees that even frames with concealed accident damage can be repaired according to factory specifications. To be able to delivery top quality for the vehicle finish as well, HK-ENGINEERING set up its own saddlery department in 2012. Our main ambition is to turn every 300SL that enters our shop, into a reliable, fault free vehicle, rewarding it´s owner with the purest pleasure of driving possible. Let us surprise you by the precision and speed of our body shop!

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