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Contact person: Peter Schleifer
Günzburg, Germany
Classic & Race Cars Peter Schleifer & Co has been founded in the spring of 2014. This may sound quite young but if you look closely, the Schleifer family has its place in the automotive world over 90 years already. The motor trade, repair and refurbishment have been the main stays of this long time. Peter Schleifer himself started racing over 40 years ago concentrating the last 25 years on historic motorsport. The CANADIAN-AMERICAN Challenge Cup, the famous race series from the 60s, has become a second breath through the efforts of the Schleifer family. The passion for historic motorsport has driven us since years for racing, trading and restauration of classic racing and road vehicles. Growing over the years, it needed a new company frame and home which let to the christening of CLASSIC & RACE CARS Peter Schleifer & Co. You will find an exciting selection covering vehicles from the world’s automotive and motorsport history. Classic sportscars are sharing the showroom with breathtaking race cars and even motorcycles which have a long tradition within the Schleifer family. Our own workshop will provide you every necessary for restoring, from the bare body-shell on and maintaining your treasured classic car. With our international network within the motor trade world and our connections in the racing world, we are able to find your dream car. If you have an interest in a classic car for sale, you are very welcome.

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