Bugatti Automobiles S.A.S.- Bugatti Certified

Contact person: Franco Utzeri
Molsheim, France
There is no other automotive brand like it in the world: Bugatti is unique. It was already unique during Ettore Bugatti’s lifetime, and it has retained this unique status ever since the brand’s renaissance in 1998 as a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group – a renaissance that is unparalleled in the history of motoring. The Bugatti brand, based in Molsheim, France, owes its distinctive character to a family of artists with Italian roots. The family was primarily inspired by architecture, sculpture and design. This means Bugatti has always been a brand whose models are based on both revolutionary motorsport technology concepts and distinctive artistry. The result: automotive legends whose artistry, form and technique established them as genuine works of art at an early stage. Bugatti is determined to always offer the extraordinary. The superlative. The best. Only then it can be called a Bugatti.

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