Hesperange, Luxembourg
Art & Revs which was set-up in 2009, is a leading Luxembourg-based company in the exotic car market with a well known reputation in terms of car sourcing, restoration and motor racing. Our philosophy is to offer our customers carefully selected prestigious automobiles and support their passion with our premium services. Art & Revs’ name derives from the notions of aesthetics and performance. “Art” because some classic cars may be considered as art masterpieces while “Revs” is an abbreviation of RPM : Revolutions Per Minute. Art & Revs reflects an exotic car world where sculptural lines, emotion and performance are key elements. Our collection of cars is housed in a 3000sqm showroom located at Howald in the heart of Europe, only 5 min from the Luxembourg-City station,10 min from the Airport and only 300 m from the main motorway. We have customers worldwide and spare no effort in sourcing and offer the very finest automobiles.

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