Sizaire & Naudin booklets, catalogues, prints and photographs


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Sizaire & Naudin booklets, catalogues, prints and photographs, comprising and 1906-07 Victoire leaflet, an 1906-07-08 Victoire leaflet, 1910, 1911 and 1914 sales catalogues, a 1920 leaflet, all French text; an E Vicart Fils Sizaire & Naudin sales booklet 1911, and other ephemera and reprinted photographs; a hand-coloured lithograph after E Montaut 'Coupe de Voiturettes 1908', 37 x 81cm, mounted, framed and glazed (cracked); two smaller lithographs for 1906 and 1907 after Montaut from 'Dix ans de course', 15 x 28.5cm, each mounted with title plate, framed and glazed; and three Edwardian photographs, each framed and glazed, and loose issues of La Vie au Grand Air with articles or covers featuring the marque.