Seven assorted car mascots


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Seven assorted car mascots, including 'The Bomber', British, circa 1915, nickel plated bronze, marked 'Copyright SW Bimingham', 13.5cm high; Alsatian's Head, signed Devenet, 1920s, nickel plated bronze, 11cm high on a marble display base; Squirrel, signed M. LeDucq, French 1930s, hollow cast alloy, 15cm high, on a marble display base; Angry Cat, British 1920s, nickel plated bronze, 8cm high, (repair to tail), on a wooden display base; Art Deco Angry Cat, 1930s, chromed, 9cm long on a wooden display base; 'Chouette', French, 1920s, nickel plated alloy owl, 8cm high on a wooden display base and an Alvis Eagle, chromed die-cast metal, (crack and old repair to wing), 16.7cm high on marble display base.