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Sassella Rocce Rosse Riserva 2007, Arpepe (1 bt) Sassella Ultimi Raggi Riserva 2007, Arpepe (1 bt) Sfursat Swarovski Limited Edition 5 Stelle 2011, Nino Negri 2 bts broken capsules (2 bts) From the private cellar of a Roman collector SF: Valtellina is one of Lombardy’s best red wine areas. In recent years its geographical location has favoured it and climate change is not yet causing problems. Arpepe is a small old style producer attentive to innovation while Nino Negri represents the area’s history and the 5 Stelle is his most important selection.(Tot. 4 bts)

Aste Bolaffi
Via Cavour 17
10123Torino  Torino