Powered half-scale Porsche 935 childs car project


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Designed to suit a child from approx 7 -12 years, the car measures just over twometres long and the construction is based on standard kart running gear with a purpose-designed chassis, accurate double-clamshell GRP bodywork, carbon fibre and aluminium honeycomb composite floor with a bronze-welded tubular chassis and roll hoop. Its configured to use an electric start, 4 HP Subaru Robin petrol engine with centrifugal clutch and chain drive to the rear axle which is fitted with a differential and hydraulic disc brake butit could easily be redesigned for new generation' electric power. The green (gel coat) car is a rolling chassis which shows how the car is designed and constructed and will require final assembly and painting in the 935 colour scheme of your choice. All tooling, moulds and patterns are included to enable any number of subsequent cars to be produced.The Martini-liveried car featured in the pictures was completed by our vendor and achieved 15,625 at a recent Bonhams sale which illustrates the potential. His intention was to produce a number of other cars but other projects have intervened. We understand that there are a number of short circuit events aimed at children with the most prestigious being the Little Big Man at the Le Mans.The Project Comprises:A virtually complete car comprising;Glass fibre body in a green gel coatMoulded Perspex front, rear and side windows and headlamp covers.Bulkhead and seat moulding in black grpFabricated tubular chassis with rollover bar and undertray.Subaru Robin engine,( for mockup purposes only)Rack and pinion steeringDisc braked rear axleWheels and tyres with Fuchs-style wheel trims.The manufacturing equipment.Chassis jigFront body mouldRear body mouldBulkhead mouldSeat mouldWheel trim mouldSteering rack cover mouldJig for the front grilleFull set Perspex screens (as patterns)So, the options are to finish the car on offer here or to set up a small production facility using the jigs, moulds and pressings included and market them worldwide.