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    Czech Republic


Led by Porsche in one of the most interesting projects developed by the Automobilist design studio, 3 historic Porsche Cars - the 917 KH, 356 SL and 911 Carrera RSR - are taken to a future, far away, where the liveries remain the same, but the potential of the car and often the venue itself changes drastically. The 1970-winning 917 KH now finds itself racing in the futuristic version of Le Mans, held 3 decades into the future. Porsche’s 356 SL that braved the harsh terrains encountered at Panamericana in the 1950s now finds itself transposed to the Red Planet in the year 2096. Finally, the Daytona-winning 911 from 1973 that was the first major international victory for a 911-based car, is now competing for a win on the Moon in a race around the rim of the famous Giordano Bruno crater.