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Fully working car for children/adults to drive and enjoy, apparently new and unused condition, built to 70% scale, the 917 K offered here is powered by a key start, 9 bhp 270 cc engine. It is capable of speeds of up to 28 mph, although the speed can be restricted if desired. There is rack-and-pinion steering, front spring suspension and hydraulic disc brakes, 2-1 reduction gearbox with a wet clutch, features full-size car engineering, simply scaled down.

The chassis is a powder-coated lightweight tubular construction. The bodywork is moulded fibreglass that is a faithful tribute to the iconic 917 K, winner of the 24 hour Le Mans in 1970, driven by Hans Heerman and Richard Attwood, with 10-inch wheels and pneumatic tyres.

The interior is finished with bare aluminium panels, and there is a mini bucket seat for the driver. A quick-release steering wheel is fitted, as well as working headlights and rear cooling fan, just like its full scale compadre. The overall dimensions are 2.6 meters in length and 1.6 meters in width.

This 917 K will suit drivers from as young as five years old up-to fully grown adults with the child's seat removed. It also has a removable roof section that allows taller drivers to get behind the wheel.

Top Gear magazine recently said it "might just be the greatest toy car ever built".

Bonhams 1793
101 New Bond Street
United Kingdom
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