Original Schedoni Ferrari F40 Luggage 3-piece set


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Guide price: £4500 - £6500. <p>Original and extremely rare complete Ferrari F40 Schedoni 3-piece luggage set, comprising:</p><p>Large Luggage Bag, Briefcase, Suit Carrier</p><p>This set is tailor-made to fit the front compartment of an F40, and such sets are very difficult to find. If you are looking to add that finishing touch to your car, then this is surely it.</p><p>According to Shedoni the F40 luggage sets were only manufactured in Beige, however its highly possible that Ferrari placed a special order for a set to be made in Black. This cannot be confirmed due to paperwork older than 10 years having now been destroyed and no more records available. The vendor has owned these pieces of luggage for the past 22 years and used only 3 - 4 times. They were bought from a Ferrari dealer when the vendor owned an F40 himself.</p>