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Lamborghini LM400 Cynar - 3D art by F. Ciuffolini
Federico Ciuffolini is a 3D generalist having worked for 15 years as both coder and also as a designer in the architecture/furniture/design fields. Since a couple of years he's been interested in creative coding, interactive applications, virtual and augmented reality. he has a deep passion for generative coding, photography, 3D printing and the Maker culture. And most of all, although still beeing young, he has the deep understanding of classic car history and design.
The Miura obivously has never raced, like shown in the picture. But it most probably would have looked like this, if it did. The livery is an instant classic, isn't it! Please have a look on federicos other artwork, here on Classic Driver.
The Miura is available as a fine art print on the material of your choice. Prices start at 1'800 CHF for a print on a standard photo paper. Minimum recommended lenght is 100cm.
Limited Series of 10 prints! Get yours now.

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