Minardi F1 Front Nose


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Front Nosecone of a Minardi F1 M185 driven by Pierluigi Martini in season 1985, a piece of History of the team of Faenza.

Giancarlo Minardi had run teams in Formula Two for several seasons before turning his attention to Formula One and forming a team to enter the 1985 season. Giacomo Caliri was tasked with the design of the team's new car, designated the Minardi M185 and which was intended to be powered by Motori Moderni 615-90 turbocharged engines. However, the engines were not ready in time for the first two races of the year. The first M185 chassis was modified to accept a Ford Cosworth DFY through the use of a spacer between the engine and gearbox. A total of four M185 chassis were built during the year.[2]

The M185 was updated by Caliri for the 1986 season and was designated the Minardi M185B. A major change, to comply with new regulations, was a reduction in the size of the fuel tank, from the 220-litre tank of 1985 to 195-litres. The front track was also reduced fractionally.[3]