Mel Ramos – Navel Orange Artwork # 149/999


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This is a small sized but very nice artwork of Mel Ramos dated back in 2013. It shows a 60ies style Pin up with blue and orange background.
Mel Ramos (* July 24, 1935 in Sacramento, California, as Melvin John Ramos; † October 14, 2018 in Oakland, California) is one of the American representatives of Pop Art. His work is characterized in particular by the depiction of pin-up girls who sit naked and sexually provocative on Toblerone bars or cigars, for example, crouch in a martini glass, snuggle up to a Coca-Cola bottle or climb out of a Chiquita banana peel. Some critics see it as pure sexism, others the ironic portrayal and satirisation of an advertising industry for which the following applies: sex sells.
Format: 34,5 x 41,5cm
Numbered 149/999 and hand singned