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When the World Sportscar Championship was launched in 1953 Maserati decided to enter. However, the company had little experience with large-capacity engines; its largest sports car engine displaced 2.0 litres and the 250F Formula 1 car was powered by a 2.5-litre six. For sports car racing a new engine was built, based on the latter: a 3.0-litre six with twin overhead camshafts, producing 280bhp. This engine went into a new chassis with a De Dion rear axle.
The aluminium roadster body was designed by Carrozzeria Fantuzzi. Although competition cars have to be functional and not necessarily attractive, Fantuzzi's Maserati 300S is a real beauty. However, its debut in 1955 was unsuccessful due to various teething problems. However, the following year a greatly improved model won the 1,000km race in Buenos Aires driven by Stirling Moss and Carlos Menditeguy, as well as the 1,000km race at the Nürburgring with Stirling Moss, Jean Behra, Piero Taruffi and Harry Schell sharing the driving. Maserati took 2nd place in the Championship, behind Ferrari.

A true work of art, this stunning Maserati 300S child's car has been handmade by an accomplished expert in the field. 260cm long and 105cm wide, it is powered by a 196cc four-stroke engine producing 6.5bhp at 3,600rpm. Final drive is by chain and the maximum speed is 45km/h. Notable features of this beautifully detailed miniature masterpiece include a steel chassis; glassfibre bodywork in red; opening doors; front drum brakes; rack-and-pinion steering; wood-rim steering wheel; Plexiglas windscreen; leather seats; working lights; adjustable driver's seat; and the Carrozzeria Fantuzzi logo.

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