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Major H.O.D. Segrave's personal photographs and press cutting albums, five albums:
Album 1: (end boards and covers detached, pages loose, many detached), 1921 Season, some personal photographs, including Segrave in military uniform, with cars including 1914 Vauxhall 25Hp, 20Hp Singer, 10-12Hp Panhard, and others, assorted press cuttings, advertisements, magazine articles relating to Segrave, most pages annotated in white by Segrave.
Album 2: (blue leather covers worn, detached), first page dated "Light Car and Cyclecar 19.9.1924", press cuttings with hand written dates.
Album 3: (blue leather covers worn, detached, split, loose), front cover embossed "World's Record, Florida. March 29th 1927 1", press cuttings relating entirely to Segrave's World Land Speed Record breaking success in the 1,000Hp Sunbeam, each article with hand-written date.
Album 4: (blue leather covers worn and distressed) relating entirely to Miss England and Segrave's successful campaign against Gar Wood's Miss America II, first press cutting dated 1.3.29 and up to 14.6.29, include many foreign language articles, press cuttings hand annotated with dates.
Album 5: An Album presented to Major H.O.D. Segrave by the Planned Publicity Service, press cuttings from local American newspapers with date stamps and press information, together with an original letter to Major Segrave, dated April 5th 1927, relating to the album and assorted carbon copies of other letters from the same period.

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