Lamborghini Miura SV Motoring Bronze by Romain Schroeder


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Romain Schroeder - Born January 1965 Luxembourg

Attended the Beaux Arts School in his homeland and also studied Mechanical Engineering

He utilises both skill sets in the creation of his Motoring Bronzes, all made to 1:8th scale. As he says "I try to respect the basic dimensional design / body shape & adapt it to create a sculptural harmony & a perfect fluidity of the lines"

Each sulpture is individually signed and created in a lengthy manual process, initially from sketches through models to the final piece taking many hundreds of hours of his time

Each sculpture is cast in the "lost wax technique" and hand finished by Romain to create a patina special to each piece. This process takes Romain many weeks to complete. Similarly the bases are chosen to reflect best the patinated finish of the particular bronze

A wonderful rendition of the fabulous Lamborghini Muira SV

This example is number 1 of 8

Hand patinated to your own choice (see other Motoring Bronzes for alternative finishes)

Mounted on a solid Marble Plynth

Dimensions :- 61 x 28 cms

Price :- £ 8.250 + Vat within EU