Ferrari Hockenheim Stopwatch by Oregan Scientific


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Produced by Oregon Scientific, the Ferrari Hockenheim handheld sports stopwatch combines great looks with plentyof features. These include a 500-lap memory with 99 segments, omplemented bya 3-function timer with count-up, stop, and repeat functions. The included audible pacer beeps at the rate you select.You can use the stopwatch as a regular clock with calendar display and daily alarm. A bright HiGlo backlightmakes night viewing easy, and the required CR2032 (3V) lithium battery is included. The Hockenheim stop watchis accurate, reliable, and handsome - a real delight to use. It features an ergonomic design with large buttons foreasy handling and a 3-line LCD display that shows detailed lap, splitand cumulative times at a glance.Each of these chronograph displays can be individually set for any of fourmeasurement units:- Hours:minutes:seconds with 1/100-second resolution- Seconds with 1/100-second resolution- Hours with 1/100,000-hour resolution- Minutes with 1/1000-minute resolutionThe 3-function timer offers the following operating modes:- Count down and stop- Count down and count up- Count down, automatic reload, and repeatThe Hockenheim's pacer can be setto beep at any rate from30 to 240 times per minute in 5-step intervals. You can use the pacer simultaneously with the chronograph mode.In addition to all of this, the Hockenheim can be used as a regular clock (12- or 24-hour mode) with daily alarmand calendar display (year, month, date, and weekday). This Oregon Scientific Ferrari Hockenheim is styled witha silver case and a red overlay which definitely capture the spirit of Formula One racing technology. The largeround chrome push buttons on the stopwatch are a particularly nice touch that adds class to this stylish item.Features and Benefits of the OS Ferrari Hockenheim:Ergonomic design for easy handling. 3-line LCD display.Measuring range: 23 hours, 59 minutes, 59 seconds. Accuracy is 1/100 second. Lap, split, and cumulative timedisplays with 500-lap memory and 99 segments. Pacer function with audible beeps (30 to 240 per minute).Clockdisplays hour, minute, second and year (2000-2099), month, date, and day of the week.Clock can be set for 12-hour (with AM/PM) or 24-hour time.Clock also has a daily alarm with 30 second beep.HiGlo electro-luminescentbacklight provides easy night viewing.Auto Light feature can be set so that pressing any function button activatesthe backlight.A detachable safety cord (neck lanyard) is included.