Ferrari Estate of the racing driver Edgar Berney from his 250 GTO chassis number 3909 GT


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21 pieces, including the original invoice of Automobili Ferrari Modena to Edgar Berney from 10 Sept. 1962 in the equipment version Colore: Rosso Cina / Interni: Bleu, the customs invoice clearance of the car via the Republica di Venezia from 12 Sept. 1962. 1962, 2 writings from Berney to Tafromi about a new racing car, Testa Rossa or 250 GT, as well as 18 original press photos, among them 2 colour photos, e.g. Tour de France Automobile 1962 and 1963, Ollon-Villars 1963, Coupe du Salon 1962, unique and historically valuable documents for one of the most beautiful 250 GTO