Ferrari Documents of the Ecurie Francorchamps / Ecurie Nationale Belge about the Ferrari 250 GTO


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Chassis number: 3757GT (Nick Mason), 104 pages about the world famous GTO from Nick Mason, including e.g. invoices from Ferrari to the Ecurie Francorchamps as well as documents, registrations, timesheets, invoices for repairs of races in which the car was driven; the races are 24 hours Le Mans 1962, Beurlys / Elde third in the overall standings, Grand Prix of the Solitude 1962 seventh place in the overall standings, Tour de France Automobile 1962 Daville / Van Ophen third in the overall standings, among them again e.g. 24 hours Le mans 1962, all lap times No. 1 - 314, which were signed by the two drivers Beurlys and Elde after the race, writing from Swaters and Frere and Pierre Stasse as well as handwritten documents to the Tour de France Automobile from 1962, among them a handwritten route book for the driver Daville etc., all from 1962, very interesting documents and certainly an important enlargement of the history of this world-famous and very successful Ferrari 250 GTO