Ferrari Cup for the 3-time victory of the Scuderia Ferrari at the Giro d'Sicilia


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No. 1 Diro d´Sicilia 1952 Marzotto in a Ferrari 166MM Chassis no. 0034MM No. 2 Giro d´Sicilia 1953 Villoresi in a Ferrari 340MM Vignale Spider, Chassis no. 0280 AM, No. 3 Giro d´Sicilia 1954 Taruffi in a Lancia D24, in 1954, Ferrari took over Lancia, earning victory from Taruffi as the third win. The Giro di Sicilia was a road race, which was first extended in 1912 in Sicily. As with the Targa Florio, Vincenzo Florio was founder and promoter of the race. The Giro was a street race over public roads similar to the Mille Miglia. Height 71 cm, weight 13.6 KG, very nice work