Facel Vega HK 500 Spares


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This intriguing Lot includes a selection of spare parts accumulated by the former Secretary of the UK Facel Vega club and includes many hard-to-find spare parts suitable toward the restoration and preservation of your Facel Vega HK500.

•Petrol Tank with Hardura covering
•Rear Bumper (no overriders)
•RHD steering box
•Left, right and centre track-rods
•2 x rear springs
•2 x rear axle shock absorber brackets
•Pair of cylinder heads with valves
•2 x rocker shafts and rockers
•Inlet manifold for single 4-barrel Carter carburettor
•Kelsey Hayes brake servo
•7 con rods and pistons
•Left and right quarter light assemblies
•Stainless steel front waist trim (under windscreen)
•Stainless steel rear waist trim
•Rear window surround stainless steel trim
•Heater motor
•Miscellaneous additional small parts, too many to individually list.