Eight assorted plaques, a lapel badge and two fobs


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Eight assorted plaques, a lapel badge and two fobs, includes some in silver: comprising two Jydsk Motor Sport trophy plaques engraved for 1922; three 1923 trophy plaques engraved, for Viborg Motorklub, Danmarks Motor Union and Kobenhavens Motor Klub (1 each); a Julier Passhoe bronze plaque, nickel plated, 7.2cm wide (old mounting holes filled), and unused shield shaped plaque; a St. Christopher dashboard plaque, sliding embossed front plate to reveal solid mount with area for personal engraved message, 5cm diameter; a 'Moniteur' enamel lapel badge depicting a steering wheel and road signs; a St. Christopher pipe smokers tool key fob and a Union Velocipedique de France key fob after A. Chobillon, 2.8cm wide.