Devillaine Ouragan monoplace " Ferrari "


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From the Albert Prost collection
In the late 1960s, the Ouragan child car was the star of the Devillaine range, a brand from Charlieu, in the Loire region. It was necessary to pay 1500 French francs for one of these compared to as much as just 41 Francs for the Renault 4 from the same range, or 134 Francs for a Triumph TR4! This fancy price certainly explains the reason why sales were limited to a privileged few for this toy. However, the Ouragan had reasons to be so pricey: it had spoked wheels, pneumatic tyres, padded seat, chrome elements, suspensions, not to mention rear view mirrors...
It was powered by a two -stroke engine with an integrated fuel tank and a centrifugal clutch and had a reverse using a reversing lever located in the cockpit, while the start was by using a pull cord launcher. Powered by an American brand called Ohlsson & Rice, whose primary use were for chainsaws and other similar equipment, the engine had a displacement of 20cc, a cooling fan and a hair-raising max power of 0.86bhp, which allowed aspiring racers to get to between 15 and 20 km/h.
The one presented here is strictly according to its original configuration. The body of this beast is in good original condition, only the chrome wire wheels display some aging. Tyres, just like upholstery, are not worn out. A little overhaul won't be out of place before this rare toy resumes service to the delight the kids and parents.