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Did CURVES join the surfer community? Or the community of Fado lovers? Will there be a huge soulful-driving mural in Lisbon, the vibrant capital of street art? Will we do a few rounds in Estoril, the country’s famous race track? Who knows? But what we do know: CURVES No. 14 goes to Portugal!

It goes without saying that this country offers great opportunities for sophisticated curve chasers. The mix of mountains, rolling hinterlands and coast is extremely rich in variety. Densely populated regions alternate with almost uninhabited areas. And no matter whether you wish for high waves or prefer to enjoy Vinho Verde, grilled sardines and pastel de nata - Portugal has to offer lots of off-road highlights.

great photos, breathtaking perspectives
dream roads, dream beaches, perfect country roads
as usual with maps and recommendations for routes and hotels
Rediscover Portugal with CURVES!

Volume 14 of the successful series – the journey goes on
for inner cinema and travel planning
perfect for car enthusiasts, bikers and cyclists

bilingual (german/english)
288 pages, € 15.00, ISBN 978-3-667-12078-6