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Columbia was an English Bicycle brand crafting some of the most beautiful frames from that country. Some ex-Carlton craftsmen started a workshop in Worksop – no, that’s not a typo. It’s a small City north of Nottingham and close to Shwerwood forest. Maybe Robin Hood’s arrow was the design idea behind this particular time trial bike.
In the early eighties the pro bike builders started experimenting with different geometries and wheel diameters. There is the classic low profile setup, a.k.a. “lopro”, usually a 28” rear wheel and a 26” or even a 24” wheel in the front. The teams for the 100km team time trial were equipped with such bikes and had to endure those extreme positions for roughly 2 hours.
The Columbia here, is not a pro bike, though. It was built for the national bicycle show in Birmingham and is a one off! The geometry is really extreme and it’s hard to find another bicycle that would show such a geometry. The fork mounted bar is beautifully integrated. The Reynolds 531 tubes have been fillet brazed. The work is of an extremely high quality, All parts have been sourced and compiled by a specialist and are all period correct. The Polchlopek Chainrings have a massive Q-factor, just like some modern ones. You will find many beautiful details: punched out ornaments on the shifters, different spoking on the rear wheel, anodized Regina cassette, Everest Aeterna chain, front brake mounted behind the fork, all Logos painted by Hand. It’s equipped with a Campagnolo groupset and is rolling on a set of 28/24” Wolbers.
This bike doesn’t come in a loud and fancy paint scheme. At the first look it is an extreme geometry. At the second look you will discover it’s beauty. If you want to make it loud, we’d suggest putting it on a Union Jack carpet, next to your Jaguar or Aston Martion.

*** the bike currently is on display at Cyclestore Zurich ***

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