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Born in Milan in 1881, Ettore Bugatti began his storied career at the age of 17, when he went to work as an apprentice for local bicycle and tricycle manufacturer Prinetti & Stucchi. Like many pioneers in the automotive field, Bugatti got his start in the bicycle business and some of his earliest designs were for motorized tricycles. Even at the height of his powers, Ettore Bugatti continued to be influenced by two-wheel transportation. In 1937, he designed a unique, space-frame bicycle that was never produced.

In the 1970s, Art Stump, the noted California-based bicycle builder, used these Bugatti drawings as the basis to fabricate two custom bicycles. One was sold to a collector in the UK and the other was retained by Mr. Stump for his personal collection.

Although Stump updated and modernized the original Bugatti design, the most distinctive feature of the bicycle is the frame itself. Rather than a single tube forming the rigid diamond-shaped frame of most conventional bicycles, this design features four small-diameter tubes arranged in a square, connected by spacers. Noted for his intricate, high-quality builds, this Stump-built bicycle reportedly took 1,000 hours to manufacture and features period Campagnolo components, a SILCA frame pump, Alfredo Binda toe straps, and Ideale saddle.

Engraved “A.D. Stump no. 19” and finished in traditional French Racing Blue, this magnificent Bugatti-designed bicycle has been part of the Mullin Collection since 2013.

*Please note that all of the Lots in this Auction have been in long-term static storage at the Mullin Automotive Museum and may not be currently operational. They will require mechanical attention and in some cases significant restoration prior to any road use.

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