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This elegant carriage was built by Renault, which would go on to become one of Europe’s most prolific manufacturers of automobiles, continuing to this day. This carriage features seating for four to five passengers in the rear area, shaded by a folding leather victoria-style top. With its interior finished in leather and cloth, the open carriage represented the finest in transport in its day, and the leather fenders and full elliptical springs provided the driver and passengers relative comfort over the rough roadways of the time.

According to notes on file, Renault was relatively late to begin building carriages, hence few were made. The particular construction of the driver’s seat and the carriage’s fenders indicate that it was built in the Mylord style of the time. Offered with a gas-fired lamp, and particularly charming in its design, this Renault carriage is perfect for touring back roads or a private estate.

*Please note that all of the Lots in this Auction have been in long-term static storage at the Mullin Automotive Museum and may not be currently operational. They will require mechanical attention and in some cases significant restoration prior to any road use.

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