BENTLEY BOOK: "Bentley - A Century of Elegance and Speed"


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The volume is a tribute to Bentley’s 100th anniversary and it covers its history from the founder Walter Owen Bentley up to 2000s, with a particular focus on the special models and the one-offs produced during the course of the 1990s, in particular those based on the Continental S and R.The book is enriched by accurate historical texts, evocative photographs and meticulous technical files.

The first 100 copies are signed by the author, Marco Makaus and Ted Gushue, a famous automotive photographer. The Book is purchasable, but available only starting May 27th.

The book is published by Giorgio Nada Editore
Autor: Marco Makaus
Text: English
Size: 28x30 cms
Pages: 300
Photos: in colour and in b/w
Hardbound with jacket