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The personal photo album of Otto Zaiser, a member of the family that owned the German pasta company "Drei Glocken". Features Alfred Neubauer; Hermann Lang; Ludwig & Wilhelm Sebastian; the Allgemeine Schnauferl Club; 1949 Swiss Grand Prix; 1949 or 1950 Freiburg; 1952 Mille Miglia; 1952 Nürburgring sports car race; 1953 German Grand Prix; Manfred from Brauchitsch; Stirling Moss; Norman Dewis; Juan Manuel Fangio; Paul Frère, Clemente Biondetti, Karl Kling, Hermann Gablenz (German motorcycle racer), Rudolf Uhlenhaut, Dr Ferdinand Porsche (featured in a very small photo from a 1930s Monaco Grand Prix), Paul Pietsch, Count from Berckheim, Giovanni Bracco, Renzo Castagneto. In addition to the photos there is a Mille Miglia map postcard from 1952 signed by Alfred Neubauer, Hermann Lang, Karl Kling, Hans Klenk, Eugen Grupp and one other unidentified person. Neubauer has written a dedication, dated 5th March 1952, regarding Daimler-Benz’s training for the Mille Miglia. There is also a typeed letter dated 11th February 1958 from Neubauer to Otto Julius Zaiser in connection with the Allgemeine Schnauferl Club visit to the Daimler-Benz museum. The letter bears Neubauer’s original signature.

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