A superb collection of Blue Bird toys and games


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A superb collection of Blue Bird toys and games, including un-boxed tinplate, die-cast and plastic models of the cars in their various guises, the largest 32cm, the shortest 6cm long; boxed toys and models including two W Britain die-cast models (one with fixed body, the other with removable body displaying engine and chassis), Marx plastic friction drive Proteus Blue Bird with remains of box, a boxed Jetex powered "Two Bluebirds" set of Proteus car and K7 boat, used, box worn; a boxed Sutcliffe "The Bluebird Wonder Speed Boat", clockwork tinplate toy, (box worn); a boxed Sutcliffe Bluebird Speedboat, with coloured design to box lid, tinplate clockwork toy with outriggers, (box worn); a DWB Toys "Superspeed" Race game, boxed with instructions, playing card, counters and lithographed tinplate spinner depicting Schneider Trophy Seaplane, Miss England boat, Silver Jubilee locomotive and Bluebird car; and a Blue-Bird pencil case with feint traces of facsimile Malcolm Campbell signature.