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A rare pair of signed and annotated 1938 International Donington Grand Prix posters, for both the cancelled race (1 October 1938) and the rescheduled race (22 October 1938), with artwork after Frederick Gordon Crosby, printed in green and black (1 Oct) and red and black (22 Oct), on paper 77 x 49cm, each with many signatures of driver's who raced including Billy Cotton, Ian Connell, Percy McLure and Arthur Dobson, other signatures include Mort Morris-Goodall 'Mad Jack' O'Connell and a few fabricated names including "Rudi von Schwanzengruber Schitzonfartz", further annotations relating to the political situation, racing drivers poking fun at each other including the oil spill from Hanson's Alta that caused so many of the front runners to come off the track at the hairpin and further annotations relating to drinking. The 1 October poster has been altered to read "Drinkington G.P. held at The Royal, ASHBY" with the start time altered to read "Drinking Commences 1pm".

Bonhams 1793
101 New Bond Street
United Kingdom
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