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    United Kingdom


A loop frame "rotary-type" tricycle, circa 1885, manufacturer unidentified, black painted tubular steel frame work, rear axle cross-tube fitted with adjustable sprung metal seat pan with leather saddle cover and raised back support, open pedals with red rubber blocks on off-set crankshaft, driving chain on left side to 48 inch main driving wheels, crescent rims with radial spokes, 31 inch track. Steering to 16 inch front wheel via adjustable stirrup handle with turned wooden grip by rack and pinion gearing on right, matching stirrup handle on left by chain guard. Wooden grip lever on left to band brake acting on left hub. Crescent rimmed front wheel with mudguard and footrest. the upper ends of the frame finished as spade mount lamp holders, the right side fitted with bell. Trailing arm mounted from under the joint between the main cross-tube and the loop frame fitted with small support wheel.

Bonhams 1793
101 New Bond Street
United Kingdom
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