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1926 Willys-Overland Whippet 30HP Tourer
Registration no. BF8 940
Chassis no. to be advised

The original Overland car was developed in the early 1900s by the Standard Wheel Company in Terre Haut, Indiana. The company had already changed hands once before John North Willys, a New York auto dealer and major Overland customer, arrived to rescue it from oblivion in 1907. Building only four-cylinder cars from 1910, the revitalised company went from strength to strength, production increasing steadily until by the start of WW1 until only Ford could claim a higher output. Post-war Willys had something entirely new up his sleeve: the Whippet, which had been developed along European lines with assistance from Crossley. Introduced in late 1926 the Whippet was as swift as its name suggested and boasted a most impressive specification of four-wheel brakes, a seven-bearing crankshaft (in six-cylinder form) and full-pressure lubrication, all being parts of a competitively-priced package that sold for less than $1,000. Four-cylinder 30hp and six-cylinder 40hp versions were offered. Built to a high standard that belied its competitive pricing, the Whippet was an outstanding success, selling 110,000 units in its first year and helping to propel Willys-Overland into 3rd place behind Chevrolet and Ford in 1928. Produced for only four years, the Whippet was a casualty of the Great Depression, ceasing production early in 1931.

Dating from early in the Whippet's production run the four-cylinder model offered here has had a fascinating recent history. Understood to have been restored in New Zealand, the Whippet subsequently made a heroic overland tour to England. Following these exploits the Whippet is now described as 'ok' in all respects and driving well – a tribute to the quality of its design and build. The Whippet has presentable beige paint with tan wings, a very good hood and side screens, and comes with a UK V5, a quantity of invoices and owner's club information, and a CD of photographs capturing the car's overland journey. Eligible for all sorts of vintage car events, including the tours and trials staged by the VSCC, this well-travelled Whippet offers an eminently practical and affordable way into vintage family fun.

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