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"The Westfalia Company was founded in 1844 by Johann Knobel and originally concentrated on the manufacture of agricultural tools which also led to involvement in building horse drawn carriages. The factory was virtually wiped out by bombing during the Second World War but they recovered sufficiently to exhibit a caravan at the 1947 Hanover Fair. That might have been the end of the story had the VW Transporter not come into existence in 1950. With large interior space and easy mechanics, they were an instant hit with the general public and at weekends, owners started using them to go away in, adding extra seats, beds and camping stoves and avoiding having to rely on hotels or guest houses. The breakthrough came in 1951 when an American army officer asked Westfalia to convert a motor caravan which quickly resulted in an order for fifty more. In 1952 they started producing the first VW Transporter Camping Boxes; these vehicles had a cabinet installed behind the front seat which contained washing and cooking equipment with fold down worktops while the rear seat converted into a sleeping platform. In 1972/73 production started on a series of conversions that established Westfalia as the leading converter of VW Transporters. Westfalia continue to produce fine examples of motor caravans to this day in what has become a very competitive market.
Built on 21st April 1971, this lovely righthand drive Volkswagen Westfalia Campmobile left the factory with the Westfalia pop-top roof and a 1.6 litre petrol engine. Since 1971, this Campmobile has been upgraded throughout the years and now comes equipped with a professionally tailored updated and contemporary interior which includes the front bench seat, rock and roll fold out bed/seat interior panels, door cards and extensive headlining. Plenty of character and all ready to go for festivals and camping adventures this summer!