• Year of manufacture 
  • Mileage 
    3 000 km / 1 865 mi
  • Car type 
  • Chassis number 
  • Drive 
  • Condition 
  • Exterior brand colour 
    Velvet Green/Cumulus White
  • Interior colour 
  • Interior brand colour 
    Silver Beige/Basalt Grey
  • Number of doors 
  • Number of seats 
  • Location
  • Exterior colour 
  • Gearbox 
  • Performance 
    40 kW / 55 PS / 54 BHP
  • Drivetrain 
  • Fuel type 


About this Collectable

The Volkswagen Split window van (officially the T1) is an icon, which elicits only positive reactions. There are a few drawbacks to driving a classic car, but they have been solved in this one. This 1966 T1 is fully restored and converted to drive on electric power, so you can fully enjoy a 'don't worry, be happy' ride.

Most people know the story of the sketch by the Dutch Volkswagen importer Ben Pon Senior, which now has a place in the Amsterdam Rijksmuseum. He sketched a van (Transporter) based on the VW Beetle and laid the foundation for one of the most successful vans, which is still being built today. However, the Split window bus or Bulli (officially the T1, short for Transporter 1 and wonderfully confusingly, internally called VW Typ 2 by Volkswagen because the Beetle was the Typ 1) was much more than a van: it became an icon for hippies, surfers and many more enthusiasts.

This year VW has launched a new version, the electric Volkswagen ID. Buzz. Likeable, modern and retro but the ID. Buzz doesn't have the irresistible charm that an original T1 has. Fortunately, there is good news: there is an alternative, in the shape of this original T1 that is fully electric.

It's a 1966 T1 that the current owner has imported from the US and fully restored. No expense was spared. This Split window bus is in a completely new condition. In fact, in many ways, this T1 is even better than new.

The electric power train, for example, ensures that this T1 can easily keep up with modern traffic. 'More than enough to give a VW Polo a hard time in a traffic light sprint. And I've driven it comfortably up to 110 km/h. I'm sure it can go a bit faster, but it has to stay safe', says the owner. 'The battery pack is located in the middle of the car, between the ladder chassis, and ensures perfect weight distribution and consequently fine road holding'.

The stated power of 54 hp is the same as the 1.5 litre version of the original T1, but the real difference is in the torque. The electric motor delivers an estimated 200 Nm of torque, which is instantly available.

The T1 has also been modernised in other areas. Disc brakes have been fitted at the front and a new steering rack with rack and pinion steering has been installed. Furthermore, the suspension has been upgraded with Koni shock absorbers.

Another thing that should not be forgotten is the reliability of the electric drive train. Starting problems and overheating engines are history with this electric T1. In short: you have the looks and the charm of a classic car, but not the disadvantages.

Our opinion

If you're looking for a new, electric VW van in the spirit of the iconic T1, you'll find the just-launched VW ID. Buzz, a modern version in retro style.

Or... go for the original. This 'Bulli Restomod' is equipped with the battery pack of a Tesla Model S. Without Ludicrous Mode, but still a lot faster than the original. And more comfortable. And more comfortable. Because all those Hippies in their vans may look very cool, but you can't really call a classic T1 'green'.

The restoration of this T1 has recently been completed, so you can drive this (in every sense) green van to your holiday destination in complete silence and with no worries. Be Happy.


This Volkswagen Split window is equipped with:
Automatic gearbox
Front disc brakes
Skai upholstery


Besides a full restoration (see Maintenance history), this T1 was converted to electric. The T1 is equipped with a custom HEC-50DS electric motor, which produces 40 kW (54 hp) and about 200 Nm of torque. The battery pack is from a Tesla. It is half the battery pack of a Model S 85, with a battery capacity of 42.5 kWh. The electric motor and the battery pack were installed by EV Europe. The real-world range is about 180 km, charging is (in the current configuration) at a rate of 3.3 kW per hour.

This T1 is also equipped with front disc brakes, a brake booster, a new steering box with rack and pinion steering and Koni shock absorbers.


None. The restoration of this VW T1 was recently completed and it is as good as new.

Service history

This Volkswagen T1 has been rebuilt and restored from the ground up. This was partly done by the owner himself (who has over 35 years of experience restoring Volkswagens) and partly by coachbuilder Jansen in Wesepe. The restoration was completed in the summer of 2021.

For all technical parts of the restoration (especially the electrical part and the calibration), external experts and suppliers, such as EV Europe, were involved. The technical details of the system are all well documented. For technical support, EV Europe in Delft is always available, even logging into the Battery Management system remotely is possible.

See also thecollectables.nl for a selection of the invoices. The restoration is extensively documented with more than 1,000 photos, which are available on request.

Included with sale

Two keys
Charging cable
Detailed documentation restoration & technical aspects
All invoices from parts to machining are present up to the last small parts

For over 150 photos and the complete description, please visit www.thecollectables.com

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