1958 VW Samba

Bus 23 Window


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Designer: Ben Pon

Estimate: $105,000 - ­ $130,000

Chassis Number: 324116
Decoded: 324116=Unit sequence number
Engine: 1991cc “flat” H­4 cylinder
1­-barrel Carburetor / 40 bhp (est)
4­-Speed Manual Transmission
Four Wheel Hydraulic Drum Brakes

● Most Desirable Volkswagen Transporter
● Flawless Restoration
● Mechanical Upgrades

The Model: The basic story of the development of the Transporter is that Dutch car dealer Ben Pon was having dinner with a marketing representative from VW and sketched out the basic dimension and layout of a VW based commercial vehicle. A prototype built, some wind ­tunnel testing done to improve aerodynamics and a legend was born. Initially offered in just two versions, eventually dozens of Type 2 models were produced. But the one that everybody sought were those with windows, lots of windows, 23 altogether. Add to that an optional sliding sun­roof, pop­out front windshields for added ventilation, and seating for up to nine and you had an unbeatable combination. Today, the love of these VW Transporters is a universal thing, from all over Europe, South America as well as Asia, these mini­buses, if you will, bring smiles to those that see them, and enjoyment to those that own them.

The Car: One look at this “Samba” and you realize that there’s no place for improvement, it is perfection. First, the color scheme, dramatic and just as offered from the factory. Next the body panels, smooth, well aligned and probably a better fit and finish than when it left Wolfsburg. The engine has been up­graded to make it roadable, but to the casual observer it maintains the eye-appeal of the original. Then there are the windows, 23 of them, just count. Even the rare rear quarter curved panes are in place. The interior looks show­room fresh, and yes, the sunroof is fully functional. There is even a roof ­rack to carry extra luggage on an extended road­ trip. Making a good thing better, how about an original dash­-mounted radio and clock. This VW Transporter has it all, and for the person who has only the best, this is the Samba for you.