1963 VW pickup


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French historic vehicle registration
Chassis N°: - 10118 and DEN 63-4
- Truly unique
- Porsche Type 4 engine
- Superb condition
The history of Formula Vee began in 1958, almost by accident, when German Joseph Hoppen (head of Volkswagen Motorsport) and American Hubert L. Bundage (who had a VW dealership) met. Hubert L. Bundage was also the owner of Bundage Motors, which became the world-famous Porsche dealer "Brumos". At the time, Bundage was a fierce competitor in the Junior formula category, always looking for new ideas. In 1959, Bundage and Hoppen decided to build a "unique" junior formula at Nardi in Italy. The shape of the car was loosely based on the pre-war Auto Union, but the engine was a simple VW flat 4. Dr Ferry Porsche and his race director were convinced that these cars had the potential to launch the careers of young racing drivers in Europe. In 1964, Porsche purchase one and then several more of these cars in kit form. Porsche wanted to support the series in Europe. A promotional tour was set up with the support of Volkswagen's CEO Dr. K. Hahn, was of considerable importance. The first presentation of these cars took place at the Eberbach hillclimb in May 1965. These small formulas had 1200 cc VW engines with about 40 hp; they reached a maximum speed of 160 km/h. What is remarkable is that the Formula Vee continues its vocation as a learning formula for single-seater racing in England, Ireland, USA, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. In order to transport the Vee formulas, Porsche decided to use adapted pick-ups so that the car could be easily transported on an enlarged loading space. According to the archives, there will be six of them and they were mainly used to travel across Germany between races. They were all in burgundy red and the Porsche logo adorned the front doors.
This charming Combi type 1 seems straight out of the sixties and we could be in a paddock before the start of a Formula Vee race somewhere in California. Atmosphere! The formula is a 1963 Formcar and seems to be one of the first to be made. When it is acquired by Mr B in 2012 it is in a rather tired original condition. The little car has had an eventful life on the circuits and a major restoration is being undertaken in the strict spirit of the formulas of the time! At the beginning of 2013, all the bodywork elements are dismantled, treated and repainted, as well as the tubular structure. The running gears are completely reconditioned with performance parts. The car will thus run with an original engine. In 2016, a 1600 AS 41 engine block is installed for a fairly significant power gain. The parts are purchased from Rudy Olivencia and assembly will be carried out by Ravé Automobiles.
The collector Mr B drives a lot on the track with his Vee formula and from the beginning of 2015, is looking for a pick up truck to transport his car from track to track. In the purest spirit of the VW trucks transporting the Vee in Germany, he finds the ideal base in California. The pick up is in exceptional original condition and will not require any restoration work. MSP is responsible for the construction of loading ramps that will allow the car to get on and off the combi's body with ease. Driven with a small original engine, the trailer hitch is a little bit underperforming. The decision is taken at the end of 2018 to install a much more powerful Porsche Type 4 engine instead of the small original 1.5. The engine is powered by Weber 44 IDF carburetors, the estimated power is over 130 hp, more than 4 times the original power! Having had the honors of a report in the major magazine Rétroviseur in July 2017, this set is now offered for sale in a lot that will delight the enthusiast eager for originality to travel and participate in historic races.

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