1972 VW K 70


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French registration papers

Chassis n° 4832516641

- Nice appearance
- Rare and original
- Seventies look and German quality
The Volkswagen K70 is an original and elegant sedan, designed by NSU chief engineer Ewald Praxl and designer Claus Luthe. Marketed from 1970 to 1973 by Volkswagen after the acquisition of NSU in 1969, it would become the first Volkswagen front-wheel drive water-cooled engine. In competition with the Audi 100, the K70 was ultimately marketed only as a sedan with just over 210,000 units in three years. Mixing the techniques and spirit of the two brands, it retains the name NSU, K denoting the German word Kolben (piston) and 70 an engine power of 70 PS. With fluid lines, light and well balanced, an LS version will even be offered with a 1.6l engine developing 100 hp.
The specimen offered here was first ergistered on December 8, 1972. Equipped with the 1.6l 9 hp engine, its bodywork was visibly restored a few years ago and presents a good general appearance with well aligned sashes, without traces of shocks or corrosion. Very well built, the original cabin is in perfect condition with impeccable upholstery, as are the carpets and plastics. Showing a little over 63,000 km on the odometer, our copy should be back on the road without difficulty after a short restart. Here is a rare and original car at a low price.

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