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    53 562 mi / 86 200 km
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"The Beetle whilst seemingly a single sub-domain of Volkswagen, is actually a complex subject with many individual species, some far more collectable than others. Arguably the most sought after is the 1967 1500cc, ‘one year only’ model manufactured from the 1st August 1966 to 31st July 1967. It combines the early styling of the VW Bug with the more advanced engineering of the later models. It represents the last year of the sloping headlights, long bonnet, six volt electrical system but benefits from the more powerful 44bhp, 1500cc engine, higher ratio gearbox and disc brakes at the front. Only the aficionado would know that for this 1967 model, the engine lid is long but with a squared-off bottom, that the chrome body mouldings, including the long bonnet one, are the later thin type and that the door hinge plugs are clear plastic. It is unsurprising that this particular example is the personal property an air-cooled Volkswagen engineer of over 33 years. Well known within the industry and someone who’s dedication and product knowledge is unsurpassed.
This Diamond blue example is, quite simply, the best available today and recently came 1st in the pre-1968 class at the Stonor Park Concours D’elegance 2018. Totally original in most respects, but with some sympathetic restoration in others. The story began some twelve years ago when the owner was contacted about a one owner car for sale. It was pulled out of a garage covered in dust but in sound condition. After careful dis-assembly, the outer body was prepared and painted with such skill that it matches perfectly the interior seams and underside. The German square weave carpets have also been replaced with correct items as has the front bumper blade. The rest of the trim and components are all original including the luggage compartment liners, the glovebox, the wing beadings, running boards, lights, indeed the interior is still ‘factory fresh’ with the original seat covers and headlining combining with new tyres, a fresh MoT test certificate to offer a real Stag amongst Beetles."